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So this is what being 30 feels like? While there was no magical change overnight for me, there’s definitely a feeling of weight to the fact that I’ve actually reached another decade of my life. No sadness or regret comes with this, just a greater sense of urgency on completing personal and professional goals that I want to accomplish.

Life should be never taken for granted. The highest of highs and the lowest lows are the brushes that paint the masterpiece of your life. And while my canvas is far from being finished, I want to thank those who have added splashes of color to my life’s work the years. Because it with your contributions, I better understand who and what I want to be. For that I am forever grateful.

What does the next decade hold for me? I don’t know. But I can not wait to find out.

Saw Topher Grace ‘s 80’s nostalgia comedy, “Take Me Home Tonight” seems less like a title and more like a plea for help. Not his decade.

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RT @IAmJericho: “Are her jugs bigger than Annette’s?”
“Nobodys jugs are bigger than Annette’s!”-Kenickie rules, nuff said. RIP and God …

Wonder if we should pay China for the mis-gotten deeds of Chyna? I mean all the crazy stuff she has done with that name it’s only fair.